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  • A Backwards Explosion

    A Backwards Explosion

    To come up with the idea, I revisited some of my favourite sources. YouTube interviews of creative people. It has been a quandary to me, whether watching interviews is a way of procrastinating. Or if it is a way of replenishing my creative output. Reading to a writer is not a waste of time. So,…

  • The Sun is on Fire

    The Sun is on Fire

    Everyone sings with you. At least that’s how it feels. Each time you sing the chorus, it gets brighter and brighter and has exponentially more emotion. You are feeling a oneness with everyone you can see. You realise this chorus is projecting around Newtown. You feel a part of this celebration. Then, in the last…

  • Page One

    Page One

  • NZMusician Album Review Coco Solid: Cokes

    NZMusician Album Review Coco Solid: Cokes

    Reviewed by FRANK EGGLETON COCO SOLID: COKES Having teamed up with a number of producers and guest MCs over the past six years, ‘creative multi-disciplinary’ Jessica Hansell, aka Auckland-based rapper Coco Solid, has threaded this mixtape together with her own wit and burn style of rapping to the fore. COKES by Coco Solid ‘Cokes,’ is brimming with collaboration…

  • Rona Love; A Writing Experiment

    Rona Love; A Writing Experiment

    In between drafts of the Rona Love novel, I decided I needed to know a little bit more about some of the characters. Especially about Rona, Audrey and Silvias relationship. I wrote this short story set in 2011, to see what I could find out about why they hadn’t spoken very much in a decade.…