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  • Tidal Rave – FOMO(Single)

    Tidal Rave – FOMO(Single)

    FOMO by Tidal Rave(NZ) Recorded by Warwick Donald, in Wellington Mixed by Warwick Donald and Tidal Rave Mastered by Mike Gibson at Munki Studios credits released September 27, 2018 Vocals/Guitar – Emmie Ellis BVS/Guitar – Esther Tempest Guitar – Kristen Paterson Keys – Ann Marie Keating Bass – Frank Eggleton Drums/Art – Scott Hakkaart license…

  • Tidal Rave EP

    Tidal Rave EP

    Tidal Rave EP by Tidal Rave Recorded at Chicks Hotel in Dunedin Recorded by Tom Bell Mixed by Tom Bell and Tidal Rave Mastered by Tom Bell credits released August 25, 2017 Emmie Ellis – Vox/Guitar Kristen Paterson – Vox/Guitar Esther Tempest – Vox/Guitar Frank Eggleton – Bass Charlie Camp – Drums

  • Frank with a microphone at Woodcock!

    Founded by Austin Cunningham and his promotion company, Tauranga Music Sux, the Woodcock Festival is an annual celebration of the local D.I.Y. scene. Or is it? With the event in its third year, Frank Eggleton travelled to the festival to meet this community of musicians living behind a veil of self-deprecation and find out whether there is…

  • Kittentank Spooky House

    Kittentank Spooky House

    The Spooky House EP by Kittentank All songs by Kittentank Recorded and mixed by Warner Emery Produced by Kittentank and Warner Emery Mastered by Dale Cotton credits released October 8, 2013 Frank Eggleton – Vox/Guitar Kristen Paterson – Bvs/Keys John Mulvey – Vox/Guitar Ann Marie Keating – Vox/Bvs/Bass Soctt Hakkart – Drums Warner Emery –…

  • Kittentank – Trouble’s on the Table Again

    Kittentank – Trouble’s on the Table Again

    Troubles On The Table Again by Kittentank All tracks were recorded at Space Monster in Whanganui by Warner Emery of Emery Music Services,. Mixed by Danny Brady – except for tracks 6 and 7 which were recorded and mixed by Warwick Donald at Happy in Wellington. All tracks were mastered by Dale Cotton in Dunedin.…

  • Solo Ono – Solo Ono

    Solo Ono – Solo Ono

    Solo Ono by Solo Ono released July 26, 2012 Frank – guitar, vocals Jordan – drums Rohan – bass Artwork by Laura O’Conner Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rohan

  • Kittentank – EP

    Kittentank – EP

    Kittentank EP by Kittentank Recorded at The Fredrick Street Sound and Light Exploration Society one sunny weekend in two thousand and nine. credits released October 1, 2009 Kittentank: Frank Eggleton, Danny Brady, Sophie Barclay, Alice Macklow, John Mulvey and Kristen Paterson. Recorded by Warwick Donald at Freds. Vocals recorded by Danny Brady at The Boot…

  • Kittentank – Post-modern hoe down

    Kittentank – Post-modern hoe down

    Post Modern Hoe Down – Reissue by Kittentank This is a reissue. It originally came out on CD-R in August 2008. It has never been online in full before. Hence this! All tracks by Frank Eggleton Produced by Rory Storm credits released July 12, 2018 All tracks by Frank Eggleton Produced by Rory Storm Cover…