Frank Eggleton

  • Lake South Interview

    Lake South Interview By Frank Eggleton Lake South is a musician, producer and a director. He makes most of his own music videos and was the director and writer of NZ Idle, a web-series about an artist on the dole. In 2019 he released an album that is a paean of sorts to the country’s capital Wellington. He…

  • Frannkkey EP

    Frannkkey EP

    Here is the Frannkkey debut Ep! Made with a little help from these people! Songs were written by Frank EggletonProduced by Rory StormBVs Kristen PatersonCover art by Birgit Bachler Frannkkey EP by Frannkkey

  • An Interview with Departure Party

    An Interview with Departure Party

    by FRANK EGGLETON Departure Party: Cajons And Cronies (First Published in Departure Party is a folk-punk, maybe emo/anti-folk three-piece, that has released two albums (the first in 2017 under then-band name Yor Cronies, titled ‘I Want To Quit’) and the just-released ‘Departure Party’. Based in Wellington, they have supported the likes of Joyce Manor, Listener, Wolfpack and…

  • Interview: Kirin J Callinan

    Interview: Kirin J Callinan

    Originally published on Interview: Kirin J Callinan Talks About His ‘Return To Center’ Album & NZ Tour   Australia’s controversial solo artist, the Los Angeles based Kirin J Callinan, has recently released his third record – Return To Center. To give himself a challenge, he took his credit card and used the Guitar Center’s pro audio section’s fourteen-day…

  • Page One

    Page One

  • Review: Newtown Festival 2019, Wellington

    Review: Newtown Festival 2019, Wellington

    By FRANK EGGLETON Review: Newtown Festival 2019, Wellington Images by BIRGIT BACHLER You awake to a light grey day, with a smidgen of fuzz— because you couldn’t resist going to Moon to see Hex and an Australian touring band called Cable Ties. You behaved yourself, sleeking home straight after the last note. Which is just as well, as your group is…

  • 2019 NZSA Writer Mentorships announced

    2019 NZSA Writer Mentorships announced

      Recipients have been selected for the New Zealand Society of Authors Mentorship Programme 2019 with thirteen chosen from a pool of 79 applicants. With a high level of commitment shown by the applicants and a wide variety of fascinating projects the judges had quite a task making their selection. Our 2019 mentees are emerging writers…

  • NZ Muscian: Josie Moon

    NZ Muscian: Josie Moon

     FRESH TALENT: JOSIE MOON by FRANK EGGLETON Fresh Talent: Josie Moon Living in Wellington, Josie Moon is an inspired artist of indie pop who is pushing herself in every direction – production, songwriting, performing and producing videos. “Music was always around, but I didn’t really start doing it as a hobby or writing that much, until my first…

  • Review: Bad Sav by Bad Sav

    Review: Bad Sav by Bad Sav

    Reviewed by FRANK EGGLETON BAD SAV: BAD SAV The debut album from Bad Sav has been many years in the making. That’s not from apathy though. The musicians have all been busy with either Death and the Maiden (Hope Robertson and Lucinda King) or the Shifting Sands’ (Mike McLeod), among other musical projects. Bad Sav have released a couple of singles over the…

  • Rona Love

    Rona Love

    Set in Wellington, New Zealand. Rona Love is the story of an ex-housewife who pursues her dream of becoming a musician, a songwriter, an artist. Welcome to a world, where the only things that matter are the Arts and music. Real and fictional bands mingle and blend into a modern cocktail of the Hero’s journey.…

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