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  • Tidal Rave – Albumette

    Tidal Rave – Albumette

    Tidal Rave Share New Album ‘Albumette’ Exploring conversational topics like “police incompetence, problematic capitalism, disconnection and in-between spaces”, Tidal Rave‘s shiny new surf-pop offering Albumette has landed. The Pōneke six-piece released their sweet jangly debut collection Heart Screams in March last year, and they’ve since honed and polished their fuzz-pop sound, with Emmie Ellis, Esther Gedye Taylor and Kristen Paterson‘s guitars, Ann-Marie Keating‘s keys, and the Frank…

  • Solo Ono release – Now We Know Who to Blame

    Solo Ono release – Now We Know Who to Blame

    Summer’s here (although you couldn’t tell from looking outside), we’re almost done with the literal trash fire that is 2020, and Pōneke garage surf poppers Solo Ono have returned with their timely three track Now We Know Who to Blame EP. Alongside the title track’s finger-pointing, fuzzy guitar action lurks the tipsy nostalgia of toe-tapping recent single ‘I’ll Have…

  • Frannkkey EP

    Frannkkey EP

    Here is the Frannkkey debut Ep! Made with a little help from these people! Songs were written by Frank EggletonProduced by Rory StormBVs Kristen PatersonCover art by Birgit Bachler Frannkkey EP by Frannkkey

  • Page One

    Page One

  • Review: Newtown Festival 2019, Wellington

    Review: Newtown Festival 2019, Wellington

    By FRANK EGGLETON Review: Newtown Festival 2019, Wellington Images by BIRGIT BACHLER You awake to a light grey day, with a smidgen of fuzz— because you couldn’t resist going to Moon to see Hex and an Australian touring band called Cable Ties. You behaved yourself, sleeking home straight after the last note. Which is just as well, as your group is…

  • Tidal Rave – FOMO(Single)

    Tidal Rave – FOMO(Single)

    FOMO by Tidal Rave(NZ) Recorded by Warwick Donald, in Wellington Mixed by Warwick Donald and Tidal Rave Mastered by Mike Gibson at Munki Studios credits released September 27, 2018 Vocals/Guitar – Emmie Ellis BVS/Guitar – Esther Tempest Guitar – Kristen Paterson Keys – Ann Marie Keating Bass – Frank Eggleton Drums/Art – Scott Hakkaart license…

  • Solo Ono – Rogue Planet

    Solo Ono – Rogue Planet

    Rogue Planet EP by Solo Ono Frank Eggleton – Vox, Guitar, Deluge Jordan Stewart – Drums, Organ, BVs All tracks recorded and mixed by Warwick Donald Artwork by Scott Hakkaart

  • Tidal Rave EP

    Tidal Rave EP

    Tidal Rave EP by Tidal Rave Recorded at Chicks Hotel in Dunedin Recorded by Tom Bell Mixed by Tom Bell and Tidal Rave Mastered by Tom Bell credits released August 25, 2017 Emmie Ellis – Vox/Guitar Kristen Paterson – Vox/Guitar Esther Tempest – Vox/Guitar Frank Eggleton – Bass Charlie Camp – Drums

  • Echo Beach

    Echo Beach

    Daydreaming by Echo beach NZ released January 21, 2016 Frank Eggleton – Bass/Vox Ann – Marie Keating – Guitar/Bvs Kristen Paterson – Guitar/Bvs Scott Hakkaart – Drums Recorded and Mixed by Rohan Hill license all rights reserved

  • Kittentank Spooky House

    Kittentank Spooky House

    The Spooky House EP by Kittentank All songs by Kittentank Recorded and mixed by Warner Emery Produced by Kittentank and Warner Emery Mastered by Dale Cotton credits released October 8, 2013 Frank Eggleton – Vox/Guitar Kristen Paterson – Bvs/Keys John Mulvey – Vox/Guitar Ann Marie Keating – Vox/Bvs/Bass Soctt Hakkart – Drums Warner Emery –…