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  • Considering Creating a Podcast? Why Not Start With a Demo?

    Considering Creating a Podcast? Why Not Start With a Demo?

    Have you ever felt a strong passion for a particular subject? Do people ask you for advice? Is there a topic you can discuss endlessly? If you’ve been contemplating starting a podcast, now might be the perfect time to consider creating a podcast demo. But first, what is a podcast? It’s a digital audio series that is…

  • Don’t Panic at the Disco — Findings From a New Music Discovery Survey

    Don’t Panic at the Disco — Findings From a New Music Discovery Survey

    This project explores the many ways in which new music and artists are discovered by the everyday listener. A music engagement survey was created to find out how people discover new music in the digital age. 114 people took part. About one billion people and counting stream music online, ( 616 million people/businesses pay for subscriptions and…

  • Tidal Rave – Albumette

    Tidal Rave – Albumette

    Tidal Rave Share New Album ‘Albumette’ Exploring conversational topics like “police incompetence, problematic capitalism, disconnection and in-between spaces”, Tidal Rave‘s shiny new surf-pop offering Albumette has landed. The Pōneke six-piece released their sweet jangly debut collection Heart Screams in March last year, and they’ve since honed and polished their fuzz-pop sound, with Emmie Ellis, Esther Gedye Taylor and Kristen Paterson‘s guitars, Ann-Marie Keating‘s keys, and the Frank…

  • Solo Ono release – Now We Know Who to Blame

    Solo Ono release – Now We Know Who to Blame

    Summer’s here (although you couldn’t tell from looking outside), we’re almost done with the literal trash fire that is 2020, and Pōneke garage surf poppers Solo Ono have returned with their timely three track Now We Know Who to Blame EP. Alongside the title track’s finger-pointing, fuzzy guitar action lurks the tipsy nostalgia of toe-tapping recent single ‘I’ll Have…



    It’s been four years since Stalker ’s first demo release ‘Satanic Panic’ and three years since their 2017 debut album ‘Shadow of the Sword’ was released through Austrian record label Napalm Records. Covid-19 didn’t prevent them from managing an appearance in Osaka for Japan’s True Thrash Festival in February, or from releasing their sophomore album ‘Black Majik Terror’…

  • Lake South Interview

    Lake South Interview By Frank Eggleton Lake South is a musician, producer and a director. He makes most of his own music videos and was the director and writer of NZ Idle, a web-series about an artist on the dole. In 2019 he released an album that is a paean of sorts to the country’s capital Wellington. He…

  • Frannkkey EP

    Frannkkey EP

    Here is the Frannkkey debut Ep! Made with a little help from these people! Songs were written by Frank EggletonProduced by Rory StormBVs Kristen PatersonCover art by Birgit Bachler Frannkkey EP by Frannkkey

  • An Interview with Departure Party

    An Interview with Departure Party

    by FRANK EGGLETON Departure Party: Cajons And Cronies (First Published in Departure Party is a folk-punk, maybe emo/anti-folk three-piece, that has released two albums (the first in 2017 under then-band name Yor Cronies, titled ‘I Want To Quit’) and the just-released ‘Departure Party’. Based in Wellington, they have supported the likes of Joyce Manor, Listener, Wolfpack and…

  • Interview: Kirin J Callinan

    Interview: Kirin J Callinan

    Originally published on Interview: Kirin J Callinan Talks About His ‘Return To Center’ Album & NZ Tour   Australia’s controversial solo artist, the Los Angeles based Kirin J Callinan, has recently released his third record – Return To Center. To give himself a challenge, he took his credit card and used the Guitar Center’s pro audio section’s fourteen-day…

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